About Technoprise

Companies today often lack the awareness, expertise and processes to make their digital products and services accessible to the 15% of the global population who have disabilities.


Technoprise was founded with a people-first approach to empower organizations to design and build digital products and services that are inclusive to all. Technoprise is further committed to building digital accessibility research.

To help resolve some of the challenges people face in Africa and other developing countries, Technoprise strives to broaden access to vital resources for people with disabilities, resources such as healthcare, education and financial services. There is a wide digital divide that can be easily bridged through effective accessibility strategies.

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The inclusive Technoprise team includes people with disabilities (PWDs) and people without, who work together to ensure that the diverse needs of PWDs are addressed when developing digital products and services. Our team’s experience includes:

  • 15+ years of experience in the disability and accessibility fields
  •  Accessibility research in Africa
  • 8 years in accessibility/usability research & development services
  • Certified by the Department of Homeland Security – Trusted Testers
  • Exceptional customer relations
  • Independent Audit Team
  • Competitive Pricing Model

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Technoprise is an equal opportunity employer. Opportunities will be posted on this website as they become available.

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