Accessibility Resources

Our accessibility resources encompass a variety of assets and references designed to promote inclusivity in digital spaces.

  • Platform Livelihoods for Kenyan Youth with Disabilities

    As the e-commerce industry grows, it represents an important new venue for many Kenyans to earn a living. For this reason, it is important that e-commerce applications are accessible—that they support people buying and selling goods and services regardless of their disability. This study is based on the most commonly used online selling platforms in Kenya by sellers. The platforms: Jumia, Jiji, and PigiaMe

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  • Africa A11y

    Are you a UX designer or developer based in Africa? Join Africaa11y, the community of like-minded individuals passionate about creating accessible digital products and services. We learn, collaborate, and build a better future for all. Don’t miss out on this opportunity, join us today!

  • Mobile Money User Experience for Persons with Disabilities in Africa

    The accessibility of digital applications is one of the key areas of increasing independence for persons with disabilities. This is even more relevant when conducting financial transactions and using mobile devices to manage money or currency. Africa accounts for some 45 billion mobile transactions out of the 65 billion transactions on mobile devices annually.