Technoprise Global conducts research activities, such as focus groups and benchmark studies, to help our clients understand how their customers experience their products. Data is compiled, securely stored, and made available to the clients for analysis. The feedback helps with product design and improvement and promotes customer satisfaction.

The process involves understanding the product, identifying the ideal participants, following the research protocol, carrying out the study and reporting. Accessibility and usability experience research studies are designed by Accessibility UX Researchers to bring your product development and compliance to the next level.

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Participant Recruitment in Africa

Technoprise mobilizes large groups of participants (200-2000) across Africa, including People with Disabilities (PWDS), to participate in research activities. Our team of Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) trained researchers work with various clients to identify participants for research purposes. This helps customers understand how users in various markets with varying abilities use their products.

  • Mobilize large groups of participants 200 – 2000
  • Product research
  • Customer preference and needs analysis